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3 Jan

There are so many amazing things to do with your Instagram Photos. Here’s another one. StickyGram turns your Insagrams into magnets!  Currently their price is $14.99 for a pack of 9 magnets and we’re pretty sure there is a coupon code out there for 20% off. There is nothing better than having trendy little magnets for your refrigerator; especially when they are your own personal photo memories!


Coffee Table Book

1 Jan

Coffee Table Books are an interesting concept. They always reveal something about their owner’s personality. Owning My Prescription for Anti-Depressing Living by Jonathan Adler ($23.09) reveals that you are a kick-ass individual. You don’t like to ride on the coattails of others, you are creative, and you will live your life the way you have always imagined.

Aegean Blue Pillow

1 Jan

Add some color to your home in 2012! Maybe you were stuck in a monochromatic 2011, but it doesn’t have to be that way this time around. Sometimes all you need is a colorful throw pillow to give a room a whole new look. The Chain Stitch Pillow in Aegean Blue ($73) by Virginia Johnson may be just what you are looking for.

Kitamura Cabinet

31 Dec

New Year.. new amazing piece of furniture? Why not? The Kitamura Cabinet ($1,598) is a tall, narrow, handcrafted pine cabinet that  has a bronze interior adding a golden glow to all you choose to stack on its shelves. Whether it be framed family photos, books, sentimental pieces, or glassware; anything will look gorgeous displayed on these shelves. The two drawers at the bottom of the cabinet has a crackled leather-like interior and can be used to conceal other odds-and-ends.

Recycled Ceiling Tin Frames

28 Dec

Treasure your memories from 2011 with these vintage, textured, metal frames ($45). The intricate rococo patterns are actually pressed tin ceiling tiles that once adorned historic homes around the Northeast. Artist Margaret Taylor transforms the pieces that were salvaged from crumbling buildings and remodeling projects into rustic frames that carry an authentic spirit of Americana. All of these frames are handmade in Georgia.

Eiffel Tower Flutes

27 Dec

Spice up your midnight toast this year with these Eiffel Tower Flutes ($39.80 for 4). These flutes are from Z Gallerie and are absolutely adorable. The base is made of metal with a silver finish. Cheers to the New Year!

Kate Spade Wall Calendar

23 Dec

Looking for a Stylish Wall Calendar for 2012? The Kate Spade Wall Calendar ($20) is a perfect choice. Each month includes a unique design and related saying. For example December has an image of dancing feet and reads “Go for a spin”.  Step out of your comfort zone in 2012 and check off the days in style.