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Toms Ballet Flats

11 Jan

As if you didn’t love Toms enough already, now they are coming out with a Ballet Flat this Spring. Most women love Toms for their mission “one for one”. Now not only can you love Toms for their mission but you can also love them for their actual style. Sure, some of their styles were somewhat cute, but the Ballet Flats are going to hit it big. Oh, and guess what? Don’t expect them to just come in canvas. They will be available in leather, suede, and burlap fabrics.


Tangerine Tango

11 Jan

Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango! This color is a mix of orange and coral and is supposed to emit heat and energy. Try pairing this shade with neutrals, a bright color for a color-blocking look, or in small doses with accessories. This Volume Fit and Flare Dress by Oasis ($35) will having you heating up and energizing in no time!

French Tampon Case

10 Jan

Lets be real; tampons aren’t glamorous on their own. So instead of throwing them into you purse, digging for them when you need them, or stuffing them in your pocket or bra to conceal them on your walk to the ladies room- check out this idea. These French Tampon Cases from ($30) embody the beauty and elegance of French women. This is the perfect solution to glamorize your tampons.

Fragrance Bracelet

10 Jan

Is this cool or what? Fragrance in a charm? Lisa Hoffman has created these perfume bracelets ($60) so you can wear a fragrance without it ever touching your skin. Each bracelet comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm. The fragrance beads are eco-friendly and made from the highest standard of pure perfume.

Euro Earrings

9 Jan

We are loving the shape and color of these earrings. The Euro Earrings ($10) from are made of stones in yellow and green. These earrings are a great way to add color to your new Spring look.

DVF Blaire Top

9 Jan

Drooling over resort wear is bound to happen this time of the year. Escaping the cold and longing for warm weather & bright colored clothing is the norm.  The Blaire Top ($275) by Diane Von Furstenberg is wonderful. We are loving the fit and the light mango color.

Cardinal Blossum Bow Dress

6 Jan

It’s only six days into January but it feels like Spring is already right around the corner. The Cardinal Blossum Bow Dress $33.99 perfectly encompasses the start-to-spring dress. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be frolicking in this beauty in a glorious meadow right about now?